Multiple Choice Question preparation online

How to start MCQ Contest

If you not understand how to start your Contest or Practice just see the instruction and details.
Welcome to MCQ Contest BD। At first Select Your Target*. Then Select Your Category* option. Like as you are a student or candidate of university admission then select what kinds of University you want to admission. For example, you want Dhaka University or Khulna university admission. Then must be select Public General University. If you want to admission into BUET, KUET, RUET or others then select Engineering Published University. But at this time only General Public University Contest is available.

Next step Select Any Subject*. What kinds of subject you want to reading now just here you choice any subject. Like as Bangla, English, Math, General Knowledge, Computer, Management, Accounting etc. Finally press start button for Contest or Practice.

What is Practice: Here any one can preparation more MCQ from here choiceable subject. Here not need any restriction like as fix time, pass or fail, become a reristerd member etc. Here when you finish your practice then able to see details of your practice result. Here also you can able to view your provided answer and correct by click "Correct Answer Review" button.

What is Contest: Only registerd member are able to attend Contest. Here must be finish your exam into fix time. If you pass then able to atten next round contest. If you fail then back to home. When you finish your exam and if you pass then you can get point. Your every step carry 1 point. If your 100% correct answer then get 1 bonush point. Every 10 step later you can earn bonush point. Your total point depend on to win MCQ Contest.

Pass Score from Different Step: Every Step pass score is not equal. 1 to 5 step pass score 4/10. 6 to 10 step pass score 5/10. 11 to 15 step pass score 6/10. 16 to 20 step pass score 7/10. 21 to 25 step pass score 8/10. 26 to 35 pass score 9/10. 36 to all step pass score 10/10.

Bonus Step: After every 10 Step you will get bonus point. First bonush step start from 10 step. If you able to cross 10 step then you will get 5 bonus point. If you cross 20 step then you will get 10 bonus point. If you able to pass 30 step then get 15 bonus point. Then next 40, 50, 60, 70 step to continue you will earn bonus point to half of your step number. Like as you will cross 150 step then your bonus point should be 75.

How We Selected "MCQ Contest" Daily Winner

Point Wise Winner: If you collected 10 to 39 point then entry your name into Level 1 lottery list. Collect 40 to 99 point then your name is entry level 2 lottery list. Collect 100 to Highest point then your name is entry into our daily point wise Level 3 lottery list. We are selected everyday 12 winners (L1= 4 winners, L2= 4 winners, L3= 4 winners) by point wise electronic lottery system.

Step Wise Winner: If you cross 5 to 9 step then your name is listed into our step wise Level 1 lottery list. Cross 10 to 19 Then listed Level 2 lottery list. If cross 20 to Highest then listed step wise Level 3 lottery list. We are selected everyday 9 winners (L1= 3 winners, L2= 3 winners, L3= 3 winners) by step wise electronic lottery system

Time Wise Winner: If you correct minimum 6 answer and finished your contest with in 30 second then your name is entry into our daily lottery list. We are select daily 3 winners by time wise electronic lottery system.

NB: 1 member can participate 3 type of contest like as Point, Step & Time. So you can able to win 3 prize from 3 sector in a day.